Friday, June 27, 2008

This is me, sitting with all the boxes and packages of crocheted squares for the "Hooking for a Cure" Challenge. Even if I were standing, I still would look small in comparison to all those packages. I'm only 5'3'', so I truly am a shortie. Ignore how bad I look, as this was an impromptu photo shoot. It's hard to catch my daughter to take pictures for I had to take the opportunity when I could. I wish I could have at least fixed my gray hair and put some make-up on, lol. Maybe we can just think that I was working hard that day.
These are all the boxes and packages that I received from all the angels in Crochetville for the Hooking for a Cure Challenge. Very impressive indeed. Just look at them all! There are two full stacks, of packed crocheted squares, that reach right up to the ceiling with no space left over. WOW! Great job ladies. Now I can't wait to hand deliver them all to Angelfire.... and bury her in them! She's gonna love it!
The pictures really do not due the boxes justice. If you could see the stacks of them in person, you would wonder, how on earth did we make so many squares. Well I tell you, it took hard work, perseverence, dedication, lots of love, time and effort to pull this off. So many wonderful women, have put forth their time, talent and treasure to make the challenge an overwhelming success! I'm so proud of this group of ladies! They came through like no other group I've ever seen before. The humor and support was nothing short of amazing and awesome. Working together and cheering each other on during the month of March 2008 was incredible. Thank you ladies, each and everyone of you! Hugs to you all!