Monday, February 11, 2008

Hooking For a Cure

These Squares, (Below) are ones I made for the "Traveling Hook II, Hooking for a Cure" project over in Crochetville. this is a humbling experience and a very worthwhile cause. I wish the whole world could participate in this cause to find a cure for cancer. I am sure that many are doing their best in their efforts.
Cancer has afflicted so many people, including my friends and members of my family. I wish this disease, known as the big C, could be erradicated.

Orange for Leukemia
Burgandy for Multiple Myeloma

Black for Melanoma

<- Gold for Childhood Cancer

Emerald Green (the color did not show up well) for Liver Cancer

Kelly Green for Kidney Cancer

Lavender for General Cancer Awareness

Yellow for Bone Cancer

Lavender for General Cancer Awareness

Blue for Prostate Cancer
Yellow for Bone Cancer

Pink For Breast Cancer

Pink for Breast Cancer
Teal for Ovarian Cancer/Cervical Cancer

Emerald Green for Liver Cancer. The color is bad here, but it is a pretty Emerald Green

Grey for Brain Cancer

Teal and Grey for Ovarian, Cervical and Brain Cancer

Clear/Pearl for for Lung Cancer. I made two of these, but I accidentally deleted one.

Pink for Breast Cancer

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Heather said...

You have been very busy! I think your squares are fantastic!