Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Walking On Water

Last night, the pond behind my house crusted over. The migrating Canadian Geese usually come in for a swim, but this morning they got quite a surprise. The pond was crusted and when they flew in for a landing, they were sliding instead of floating on the water. It was such a cute and funny sight to see. Considering that the geese are very heavy birds, I am a bit surprised that they haven't broken through the thin crust of there are spots that aren't yet crusted over.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Bird In The Hand, Is Worth Two In A Bush

Look what came to visit me today!
This is an Amercian Goldfinch. In the summer, the males are a bright yellow color, but lose the bright yellow during the late fall, and don't change color again, until spring. The females look pretty much like this all year round. What darling cuties they are! Many come to my birdfeeders every day. This one had an unfortunate mishap. It hit my window and got the wind knocked out of her. I picked her up and brought her in the house, to warm her up until she got her bearings back together. She just sat in my hand for the longest time. When I thought she was ready to fly, I opened my patio doorwall, and then, after sitting on my finger for a few seconds, she flew away safely. Good little birdie!

What a Wonderful Surprise!

Lookie here what I just got in the mail. What a wonderful and beautiful surprise, from a dear friend in Crochetville! Thank you Pinkie (HUGS!) I love them!
A gorgeous set of booties to keep my feet warm and toasty during these cold winter months. Of course, when I got the package, I had to open it right away. When I saw the booties, I was overcome with tears and joy. .........and of course, I had to put them on immediately. Oh, and in each bootie was some yummy Vanilla Chai Tea! A surprise inside a surprise....oh my goodness! The booties, Oh what a glorious fit.....oh how warm and cozy! Thank you, sweetie, with all my heart and thank you for your prayers and caring about me. Can I go now and enjoy a cup of tea while putting my feet up to enjoy looking and feeling the comfort of my new booties?