Sunday, May 23, 2010

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In this picture we are ready to start round 2.
First we chain 3.
Then we look for the chain 2 space that we just made when we closed our first round with a sc.
We see our chain 3.....(the first thing we did on round 2), then we take our hook and insert it in the space to the right of the sc and the chain 3. We Y/O and put our hook in this space and we will be starting the first half of the first corner on round 2 by making 3dc in this space (ch3 counts as a dc). We will finish this corner at the end of round 2. In the next 3 ch 2 spaces you make (4dc, ch2, 4dc).
Then you make 4 dc in the same space as we made our first 3dc.
Ch 2, join with slip stitch to first dc and finish off: 32dc and 4 ch-2 spaces.
Then you move on to round 3.

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